An interview of Janell Shirtcliff

by Alison Koch


12:45pm on sunday at janell's house.
bowie is running thru the house in knee socks and underoos. janell is digging thru a box of newly acquired vintage clothes. we sit on the floor for some lonelydot questions. 

so a little about the website, what inspired lonelydot?
my number one inspiration is my 6 year old son Bowie Layne, he is my fountain of youth, he is what makes me feel more beautiful and happy than anything else in life. i am inspired by his magical creations and his insanely awesome ability to play make believe.

all of my incredibly talented friends are also a true inspiration. they are all creative beings, whether it be clothing, music, taking pictures, making films or turning themselves into pop stars. the most beautiful side of each one is that they all have worked so hard to be in these positions. over the years i have watched them blossom into their creative skin and become successful in the name of passion. i’m very blessed to be surrounded by such supportive and amazing gems. this is what inspires lonelydot.

your house is a kind of clubhouse for lonelydot...and the occasional unruly dinner party.
i know...my house has always been a place where my friends can come over, relax and leave their problems at the door. it’s an open space to share ideas, play some dress up, have a couple drinks and most likely, an impromptu to dance party. i love the idea of having this website to create that same crazy, communal, dreamy dynamic for other like minded people.

when did you know you had a passion for vintage clothing?
i grew up playing dress up in my mom’s closet. when i was young, i began thrifting at a young age. even then, i took risks with clothing, i was always proud to wear the treasures i found at the local thrift store. my obsession with clothes grew with my years as a model. modeling was an accidental career and i’m grateful to have been accepted into that world and to have learned so much.

ummm. is this a picture of you doing the splits while wearing a costume paper machet cat head?


okay. noted for the interview.

next question, how would you describe your style?
my style is the same as when i was a kid, a little tom boy from my pre teen years skateboarding with my long scraggly hair. a little girly, well duh, i'm a girl. a little loud, im obsessed with crazy patterns, must be a branch of my personality. and a little glam. i definitely got my glam side from my mom. one of my fondest memories growing up was our monday morning drives to school. we always sang “manic monday” by the Bangles, in her blue pick up truck with pink stripes. the windows were always rolled up while she hair sprayed her hair into some 80‘s masterpiece. best. buzz. ever.

why did you pick the name lonelydot?
when i decided to start the site i was finger painting a scene of a t-rex eating a frog outside with bowie. i asked what he thought my new business should be called, he looked right at me and said “mom i think you are a lonelydot. like special little ladybug with one dot.”. minutes later i purchased the domain and here we are.